Sunday, December 3

Get Committed Challenge

Do you want a real Challenge? Do you want to be committed to your body? Starting Feb 13, Indigo Studio will give the opportunity for you to Choose, Loose, Win and create real results.
The Get Committed Challenge will last 9 weeks long & will involve achieving your ideal body results throughout the 9 weeks by tracking using the following methods:

Inches Measured – Arm, Hips, Waist, & Thighs
Body Fat Percentage

What you get:

Participants in the G.C.C. will not only achieve results, but the changes in your body will be specific & targeted. G.C.C participants will receive discounts off of Indigo classes and memberships, discounts off of private and semi private personal training with Joe Martinez as well as discounts to Nutrition counseling sessions with Ann Pierce.
Over half of your investment into the G.C.C. is given back you hit all of your milestones on your path to reaching your targeted measurements. Cost for entering the GCC is $100. With three body status check-ins, you will have the opportunity to win back 60% of your investment.
Here’s an Example of what your future can hold:
Challenge Kicks-Off:
February 13 8:00pm: $100 – Your investment to yourself…initial weigh in
1st Check-In:
March 5 8:00pm: You Reach your Milestone! – $20 is Returned to you!
2nd Check-In:
March 26 8:00pm: You Reach your Milestone! – $20 is Returned to you!