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How Long Are Yoga Classes

A group of men and women side-by-side in a yoga class in warrior 1 pose.
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Yoga classes can last anywhere from 15 minutes to over two hours.

A standard yoga class typically lasts 60 minutes, although some classes, usually intended for advanced yoga practitioners, can last up to 90 minutes. But, there are also “express” classes, which last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. And nowadays, you can also find extra short classes that squeeze one yoga session into 20 or even 15 minutes.

Since yoga is so widespread and integrated into the everyday lives of so many people with different lifestyles, there’s no concise and straightforward answer to this question. But we can share some tips based on the type of yoga you decide to practice to guide you and prepare you for your upcoming class.

From 15 Minutes to 3 Hours

The 45 to 60-minute classes are the golden standard in the contemporary yoga practice.

They’re great for beginner and intermediate practitioners because there’s enough time to adjust to the exercises’ dynamics and intensity without feeling bored or exhausted.

The 90-minute classes are usually attended by more advanced and experienced students whose bodies are prepared for a more vigorous tempo and have stamina for longer sessions.

The 120-minute classes (sometimes more than 3 hours) are visited mainly by expert yoga practitioners and teachers. They’re also common in yoga retreats (not part of a daily or weekly routine) when there are no time limitations, and guests expect to spend the day on yoga.

But there are exceptions to this three-part schema. Yoga is highly integrated into the corporate world and is part of the lives of many hard-working individuals. Because of this, there are even shorter or extra-short sessions, which are accommodated to meet everyone’s needs. Today, we have 30- and 20-minute “short” sessions and 15- or even 10-minute quick yoga stretch classes.

Therefore, yoga classes can range anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

How Long Should Yoga Classes Last

People in an outdoor yoga class sitting on yoga mats in front of a river with their arms raised.
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In any yoga class, regardless of its length, it’s important to structure the practice with a specific flow. This should include an initial phase to gradually engage the body and mind, a peak phase where the most challenging poses are performed, and a concluding phase to cool down and relax. However, it can be particularly challenging to successfully incorporate all these elements into a short or extra-short session.

The three-step formula usually looks like this: Yoga classes start with a warm-up, which involves doing gentle poses and mindfulness relaxation so practitioners can detach themselves from their busy lives. The exercises also warm the muscles, which lowers the risk of injuries.

After the warm-up phase comes the arc of the class (sometimes in the middle) when the poses’ intensity and difficulty are the highest. After the challenging session comes the cool-down phase, which should bring the intensity down with the help of mild movement and easy poses, breathing exercises, and finally, meditation.

Because of the three-step formula, which applies to any physical activity, sport, or workout, the shortest sessions should be at least 30 to 60 minutes.

For example, here’s how long the traditional yoga classes last, depending on the yoga type.

  • Hatha yoga 60 minutes;
  • Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) 90 minutes;
  • Yin Yoga 75 minutes;
  • Vinyasa Yoga 60-75 minutes;
  • Ashtanga yoga 60 minutes;
  • Iyengar Yoga 90 minutes;
  • Restorative yoga 60 minutes;
  • Power Yoga 60 minutes.


There’s no final answer to the question “How long are yoga classes?” because the duration range is quite broad, going from 10 minutes to three hours and more. However, formal classes done by licensed practitioners are typically between 45 and 60 minutes.

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