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How Many Calories Do I Burn in Yoga

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The number of calories burnt in a yoga session depends on several factors:

  • Yoga style;
  • Experience level;
  • Class length;
  • Class pace;
  • Your weight;
  • Your metabolism;
  • Gender;
  • Body fat percentage.

Considering all of this, let’s see how many calories you can burn doing yoga.

How Many Calories Does an Hour of Yoga Burn?

For an average metabolism and an average weight of 160 Ibs, an hour of light yoga can burn anywhere between 180 and 600 calories, depending on the abovementioned factors.

If we don’t consider the strictly meditative yoga styles, such as yoga Nidra, the lowest-impact yoga is Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is simply the general yoga practice exercised in western countries.

A standard Hatha yoga class will help you burn between 180 and 300 calories. But as the asanas get more complex, the number of burned calories grows too and can go up to 600.

If you weigh 160 Ibs, you will burn around 202 calories with 60 minutes of Hatha yoga, according to this Yoga Calories Burned Calculator. An additional 15 minutes will burn 252, and you can count on burning up to 303 calories for an hour and a half.

With 140 Ibs, on the other hand, an hour of Hatha yoga will burn around 180 calories, and for a person of 200 Ibs, the one-hour session will burn 250 calories.

How Many Calories Does Vinyasa Yoga Burn?

Man doing yoga on the beach.
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You can expect to burn around 550 calories per class while practicing Vinyasa yoga.

Vinyasa yoga, also known as Vinyasa Flow yoga, is a popular type of yoga focused more on breath and movement coordination than calorie burn. It is somewhat more demanding than Hatha yoga, as it requires moving through a continuous sequence of poses throughout the class. However, after Hatha, it is the most commonly exercised type of yoga.

If you weigh 160 lbs, you can burn up to 633 calories with Vinyasa (Flow) yoga. In 75 minutes, the number of calories goes up to 792, while in 90 minutes a person of the same weight burns up to 950 calories.

If a person weighs 200 Ibs, the number of burned calories per hour is 792, for 75 minutes is 989, and for an hour and a half, it goes up to 1187.

People who weigh less burn fewer calories, so a person of 140 Ibs will burn 554 calories in one hour, 693 for 75 minutes, and 830 calories in 90 minutes.

How Many Calories Does Hot Yoga Burn?

Hot yoga is a dynamic exercise in a warm (150 F) and humid studio (40 percent). Hot yoga can take many forms: Hot Hatha yoga, Hot Bikram yoga, Hot Vinyasa yoga, etc.

The number of calories may vary depending on the type of yoga. In one hour, a person that weighs 160 Ibs can burn up to 511 calories exercising Hot Bikram yoga. In 75 minutes, a person of the same weight will burn approximately 640 calories, and in an hour and a half, the number of calories will rise to 770.

A somewhat lighter individual of 140 Ibs will burn approximately 450 calories per hour of hot yoga, while 75 minutes can burn around 560 calories. An hour and a half of hot yoga will burn around 670 calories for a person weighing 140 Ibs.

At 200 Ibs, the person should burn around 640 calories per hour of hot yoga, 798 calories in 75 minutes, and 960 calories in 90 minutes.

How Many Calories Does Power Yoga Burn?

Woman in downward facing dog position.
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Power yoga combines different yoga traditions to develop strength and endurance. Bikram, Ashtanga, and Lyengar elements are used to create an exercise and calorie-burn-centered type of yoga.

If you weigh 160 Ibs, an hour-long power yoga session will help you burn around 342 calories. By exercising for another 15 minutes, you can expect to burn up to 428 calories, while an hour and a half-long exercise can help you burn 513 calories.

A person who weighs 140 Ibs will burn 300 calories in an hour, 374 in 75 minutes, and around 450 in one hour and a half.

Finally, a person who weighs around 200 Ibs can expect to burn 428 calories in one hour, 540 in 75 minutes, and 640 in 90 minutes of power yoga exercise.

How Many Calories Are Burned in Hot Power Yoga?

The whole point of hot yoga is to help people burn more calories no matter the type of yoga being performed in the hot and moist studio.

Working out in a hot and humid room can increase the calory-burn rate by 10 calories per every 9 degrees added. So, if your Power yoga session was helping you burn 400 calories per hour at a room temperature of 68 F, power yoga at 88F will help you burn an additional 20 calories.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in Bikram Yoga?

With Bikram yoga, you can expect to burn calories at a similar rate as with Power yoga.

In 2014, a study exploring the effects of Ashtanga, Bikram, and Yin yoga on participants suffering from obesity, discovered that with Bikram yoga, men were burning approximately 460 calories and women 330 per 90-minute session.

How Many Calories Does Yoga X Burn?

While combining flowing, strong yoga, and breathing while holding poses, yoga X, also known as P90X helps burn approximately 300 calories per hour for a person weighing 160 Ibs. The same person would burn 375 calories in 75 minutes and 450 in 90.

With 140 Ibs, you can burn 265 calories in an hour, 330 in 75 minutes, and 400 in 90 minutes.

At 200 Ibs, the numbers are 372, 465, and 558 for 60, 75, and 90 minutes respectively.


Not many people consider yoga a calories-burning sport. And while milder types of yoga, such as Hatha, burn fewer calories, dynamic Power or Bikram yoga can compare to running when it comes to calorie-burn rate.

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